Marriage | Reflection Questions

Marriage Reflection Q’s
Being Intentional about Praising, Uprooting & Preparing for a Marriage that continues to Glorify God and Bless The Other.

Enjoying the Harvest 

How Have We Grown?
What areas have I grown in that encourages you and inspires you? {example please} 

Do you remember how much you struggled with _______, now I see you ________, and it inspires, encourages me. Husband/Wife, I have seen you overcome ______________. 

I love it when you are ________________. It makes me feel (think) that I am _________. {examples please} 

I feel respected when _____________. Thank you. 

I feel loved when _____________. Thank you. 

Some things I’ve learned over the last ____ years about myself.
Some things I’ve learned about you over the last ____ years.
{remember to mention the small things you’ve learned or noticed about each other as well}

Remember When?
What are some of the highlights of the last ____ years
{recalling best moments of each year, sequentially}

Remember when ____________? 
{fun moments, heartbreaks, grateful, etc}

What are you thankful to God for? 

Let’s look over some of our pictures/videos together. 

In a few words, can you describe what the last ____ years were like? 

Uprooting Annoying Weeds that Get in the Way

Re-occuring Conflicts
What do we fight about? Why? 

What is the fight behind this fight? 

What Mantra or Script do these fights reveal? 

What am I afraid of or trying to protect in these fights?

Growing Together
What areas or things do I still need to improve on?
(Edit me please)

Colored Lenses
I still have a hard time believing you are _________. 

I feel that you still think of me as __________. 

I feel that some of your biggest judgments on me are _______, _________, ________. 

And it’s expressed mostly through __________. 

Why do you feel like it’s still so hard to change this view of me? 

Where do you think this view of me, men/women, started? 

How can I further help change this view of me? 

Coping with Stress & Disappointments

What continues to stress you out? 

What do you fear (anxious)? Why?

How have you coped with the stress, fears and anxiety over the years? Did any hurtful habits develop in order to deal with the stress? How can I help you de-compress better? 

Do you find any of the 4 C’s developing or practiced still?
4 C’s: Compulsive Behavior and Reactions, Coping Mechanisms, Compensating for Lack, Controlling and Manipulations - all in order to achieve some sense of Peace and Security.


What are some relationships in our lives that still need mending/reconciliation?

How and when should we approach it? Planting More Seeds with God to Enjoy & to Share

Desires and Dreams

What do you want our next ten years to look like, be about? 

Should we create a bucket-list for the next ten years?
Categories: Kids, Us, Myself, Travel, Fitness, Finance, Church, Ministries, Education ,Career. 

My dream for the next ten years are _______. 

Worship Together

How can we effectively use our marriage to worship God? 

How can we effectively use our marriage to serve Others? 

How can we effectively use our marriage to bless the Church? 

How can we prepare so that our marriage will continue to & in greater measure serve the hurting, lonely and the broken?

Dates & Planning

Should we plan a marriage “check up” meeting/counseling, etc? 

Should we plan “intimacy” nights? 

Should we plan “date nights”?