Letter to Sleep 1

Dear Sleep, 

I miss you already. I’m so sad that you had to leave. I had to, I love my family too much and the twins need me. But I swear, what we had was authentic, it was real. Don’t be sad, I’m more sad, I’m broken. 

Do you remember that one time when I was driving up north on the I-5 Fwy and I fell asleep… only to wake up in the middle of some random field with my gas empty and a police officer waking me up? You almost killed me! But I quickly forgave you and we slept many more times on the road. My favorite is when I barely make it to a destination, knowing it’s safe, park the car and just crash in my seat! Oh those sweet moments. I’ll never forget you Sleep. 

Missing you already, 
- Bryan 03/30/2014