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Today’s Tip & Thought of the Day


We Paint a World with our Words, Posture, Attitudes

Couples often focus on the negative. We often express what our spouse
hasn’t done,
isn’t doing,
won’t do.

And often our kids hear and see the negatives being expressed in open air, but they often miss the moment of reconciliation. This moment of reconnection and apology is missed due to it being done in private or after the kids go to bed when parents often make up and reconcile.

Questions to Ponder on:

a. Do my kids hear negative thoughts expressed about their mom/dad often?
b. What do my words, our fights, do to their imaginations, their minds?
c. Do our disagreements lead to words that paint an image of the other as “bad”?

Marriage is a work of art

Artists do not like others to see their editing process. Hence, they often work out issues in private. Try excusing/removing the kids from the “workshop” of your marriage. If they happen to watch the “editing process”, have them stay and watch the “ending” (how and the way you both reconciled and worked out issues).

A good marriage is a work of art.

Practical Steps

  1. Every day find something praise your spouse about openly.

  2. Every day say something praiseworthy to your kids.

  3. Every day praise and thank the Lord as a family.

    Try practicing patience and holding the tongue. It’s hard but the rewards are great.
    Let your kids hear and see gratitude and admiration expressed often.
    Make your words count, help build a positive image of mom/dad and God with your words.

May you have a great week building a Gospel-Centered marriage and family!

Why I’m writing these posts on Parent Talk:

Most parents feel discouraged and disoriented for the task of Gospel-Centered parenting. That’s why I’m writing these blog posts called, “Parent Talk”. So that parents can be encouraged and feel more confident in their pursuit to be godly parents. 

Think, Pray, and Try. 

  • We’re going to post things we can reflect and think about as parents. 

  • We’re going to post prayers of intercession and benediction we can pray.

  • We’re going to attempt and be in the habit of trying godly parental behaviors. 

My dream is that our kids will belong and become the kids God intended them to be.