Run for Something

Several months ago I was in Washington, DC for my brother-in-law’s med school graduation from Georgetown University. While there, I got connected to an old friend of mine name Joe. Joe had noticed via Facebook that I was in town while he was in town interning for the summer. We met for a quick coffee near the Union Station. That’s us above, at Ebenezer’s Cafe. As we began to catch up and chat I felt something stirring in my spirit. I felt Joe was to pursue Government work. It sounds obvious and not so prophetic but he didn’t mention much about Public service and his internship was more on the consulting end of things.

In any case, when he recently visited Ekko, I prophesied publicly that he was to run for office someday and perhaps go into the “big” houses in DC someday. He was going to become an Influencer, something we at Ekko strive to be daily for Christ. I was a bit nervous not knowing how he would take all this. At best, I hoped he wasn’t too embarrassed. After service he requested a lunch meeting sometime in the week.

We met. We ate. We caught up again. I felt I needed to invest in this man. I started by buying him two books. Good to Great by Collins and Reality Check by Kawasaki. I try to give all young leaders at least Good to Great as a starting point for our conversations.

Anyways, my thoughts, encouragements, and advice were all kindly received.

As for the “word” about him running for Service. He tells me he had planned on running for Public Service immediately following his return to California in the next few years. He’ll start with Diamond Bar City and then hopefully to Sacramento… and perhaps to the “big” houses in DC someday. Prophecy, you see, is not about “future telling”. It’s about hearing God’s heart and proclaiming it hopefully resonating with what they’ve already been hearing from God themselves. It’s an affirming and confirming voice rather than a directive foreign sound from some other than God our Father… who wishes to be close enough to direct us himself… and who wishes that we’re close enough to affirm and confirm that which we share to one another (hence the need for a safe local church you can invest yourself into).

This is what it’s all about. Loving people, investing in people, believing in people, equipping people… I love my job.