Reflections on the Church | Able to Respond to Love

To reflect on the Church, one needs to reflect also on an old story. In it we’ll discover the desires of God described in the ancient Hebrew narrative. The church is about God, it’s about God getting what he desired and deserved.

God had initiated a relationship, provided freedom, and sovereignly mentored a people group to desire and love him internally and express it externally, thus offering Life and Life abundant on earth.

The structure is there, the God of the Hebrews now known and recognizable, but the source, the power, the inspiration was constantly leaking due to infidelity.

Israel was a cistern that could not hold water.

The church was designed to be able to “hold water” via the power of the Holy Spirit, so that the stone cold heart could be transformed into one that is willingly responsive to the alluring love of God.