How to Forgive and Receive Healing

Confession of Pain and Hurt | Tell God 
“God, I am hurt, angry, lost, confused, abused, etc.” Vocalize and admit it, confess to God.

Identifying the Specifics | Who and What Actually Hurt You and the Why it Hurts 
“(Person), you hurt me by _____ and it hurts because you were suppose to be my _______”.

Lamentation | Grieve with God 
Be hurt, angry, but without sin (bitterness). Done through a time of brokenness via prayer and worship. {See, Hannah’s prayer of anguish in Scripture}

Release the Offender from Your Desire to have them Pay for Their Actions
“However, I chose today to release you from my judgment and my desire to have you pay for your wrongdoing with the weight (severity) and scale I would choose for/against you. I choose to hand you over to God for only he is just and wise enough to judge us all.” 

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” 
- Lewis B. Smedes / Author & Theologian

Asking for Healing and Pray for the Enemy (Offender)
Start with - “God please heal my wounds”.
Continue with - “God please have mercy on _____.” 

"Forgive" God and Release Self
“God I let go of my anger against you for I thought you allowed this or wanted this to happen. I was hurt that this wasn’t stopped by you. I forgive myself for feeling like I should have stopped this or not let this happen. I couldn’t have (or simply didn’t) stopped it. So I forgive myself as well.” 

Repent of Ungodly Schemes (Scripts) that May have been Embraced 
Schemes of Control, Isolation, Rejection, Hopelessness, etc.
“I chose no longer to live like this, I will live by faith, knowing I am made whole in you. I don't have to control people or situations in order to avoid hurt again. I don't have to isolate myself in order to avoid hurt again. I don't have to fear rejection constantly. I choose to live out a new story, a new script.”

Matthew 5: 7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”