Letter to Sleep 3

Dear Sleep,

Well, I thought I write you again. Since you haven’t even asked about the kids lately, I thought I send you a little update on them. The kids are doing great, but it’s hard. Whenever they take a nap, I see you... I see us… I can’t help it. I can see you on their faces.

But they are obviously hurt by our separation. They don’t like the mention of your name at all! You’ve left a mark, your departure has really affected us all. The very mention of your name they hate. They’re so eager to be away from you in the morning, they can’t stand the suggestion of meeting you in the afternoon and don’t get me started on the evenings. They simply don’t want to see you at all, ever. This makes everything worse, cause I secretly... want them to like you even though I'm mad that you've left me.

Yes, I'm still mad, but do visit once in a while. For the kids.
Maybe you can see the kids on the weekends, I would like that. 

Still Trying to Cope with our Separation,
Bryan | 3:25AM-ish, I don't know anymore.