Sounds & Stations

Each culture has their own food, colors, memories, and sound.

When we planted Ekko, we were not only intentional about our Values and Vision, or how we’ll practice the art of love, but how we’ll sound while living this life out before our God.

I believe each church has a sound that is embedded in them from their Shepherd.

Have you discovered your sound?

It’s not just the style of worship you’ll sing to. It’s the noise you choose to highlight or snuff out in that gathered moment. For instance, we purposely choose to have all ages worship together. Often we’ll hear kids laughing, screaming, being kids during worship. Some may feel annoyed by it, but we think it’s beautiful. It’s intentional. We want God to see us worship him as one tribe. We want others to hear the voice of children’s worship alongside their parents.

If you notice, Ekko has its own liturgical movement. The music played in between each segment of our public worship is intentionally laid down like a sound track, guiding us into various worship environments (such as Giving, Recognition of Children, Prayer, Word, Fellowship, Benediction, etc). These sounds are “stations”, helping us to stop, breath, reflect, and worship - together.

Next time you’re at Ekko, listen for “stations”.
Can You Hear It?

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