Ekkosystem | 2012 Drafts Explaining

Lately I’ve been writing about what our new “spaces” will look like for the new year. Here are some thoughts concerning the Ekkosystem 2012. Feel free to give some feedback. Hope it all makes sense. Check out Draft I.

The Ekkosystem /
The Ekkosystem is a Christ anchored environment and space for deeper relational and transformational participation.

Ekkosystem and its 4 Spaces /
Academy (It would’ve been cool to have an “O” word, then it would’ve spelled out EKKO! Darn.)

Ekklesia / (Regional House Gatherings)
Jesus ate all the time. In eating and sharing a meal with people, often people no one would want to eat with, he was inviting them into a relationship. You eat with those you love, those you want to do life with, those you accept. As Jesus ate, he must have taught, laughed, cried, and shared not only bread but his life with them. So it is with Ekklesia, it is Ekko setting a table, eating together, and embracing each other’s lives in love. It’ll be a time to learn from His Spirit, through the Word, and times of not only sharing a meal but sharing our lives to each other. Let’s eat.

Koinonia / (Intimate Fellowship + Peer Mentoring)
Jesus walked all the time. We find him taking moments to stop and to teach his disciples along the way. Following Christ is not static but has a Rhythm and Motion to it. The disciples trailing behind must have often talked with one another about what they were just taught. The Walk gave space for a Talk. And as they Walked, and Talked, their love and respect for their Master must have grown. Koinonia groups offers us a chance to stop and listen during our Walk with Christ. It offers us trusted companions to Talk to as we aim to follow closely our Master and Lord.

Kavvanah / (Worship + Prayer Nights)
The paradigm of Kavvanah prayer comes from the book of 1 Samuel.  The book tells a story of Hannah, a barren woman who longed for a son.  Unable to have a child, mocked by her peer, anguished, and humbled, she prayed an immersive prayer, a “kavvanah” kind of prayer, full of intent and devotion.  Her lips moved yet she made no sound because her heart cried out loudly enough.  
Have you ever felt like this?
In spite of her pain and bitterness, she gave the gravest concerns of her heart to God, fully trusting, fully exposed.
We aspire to pray this type of prayer.  We yearn for it.  Through Kavvanah Night, we hope to provide an environment that facilitates this type of expression.  There will be praise, there will be worship, there will be movement, and there will be rest.  Full devotion, full surrender - an immersive experience with God.

Academy / (Discipleship + Membership Courses)
Jesus is the Savior of the World but he was also a great Rabbi (Teacher). His disciples were called, Talmids, simply put they were students of life, for life. The disciples were chosen only if the rabbi believed he could be just like the teacher. Jesus chose the 12 and he now picks us to be his students. He believes in us. He believes, by his wisdom and power, we can be like him. We can follow in his footsteps by loving God well and loving others effectively. Ekko believes that the Church is not only the Bride of Christ but the Student of Christ. We endeavor to study together, learn together, and follow together.