Christus Victor

Poem | War

"I entered a war I did not seek. I entered a war I cannot win.

I entered and found the enemy to be me.

I entered a war and now I see that peace will only be had in my defeat.

May Christ be victorious in Me.”

- Bryan H. Kim | October 31st, 2011

At the End of Every Service You’ll Hear Us End with a Benediction that goes,"May Christ be Victorious in Your Life". Read below to see why we do this.

May Christ Reign in Your Heart and Life | Story of Crossed Fingers and Benediction Fingers 
by Dr. Len Sweet
"Early Christians due to persecution used to identity themselves to each other by crossing their fingers so as to avoid the death sentence…
Earliest benediction and blessing was the elevation of the right hand and the three fingers, waved in a cross pattern and prayed, “God the Father, God the Son (longest finger), and God the Holy Spirit (index finger), bless, preserve, and keep you, now and forevermore. Amen.”

"By the end of the 4th Century some bishop resurrected the Crossing Finger tradition of ancient Christian martyrs and spoke this blessing after the benediction - “Christus Victor, Christus Victor, Christus Victor” which means,

“May Christ be victorious in your life.”

“The Christus Victor blessing is this: in life, may you lose and God win”…