Introducing Dr. Marykate Morse

Hey guys, 
I wanted to introduce to you our next "Sync" speaker. Her name is Dr. Marykate Morse (Pastor and Professor)! I've been trying to get her for years. Rarely do you run into a leader who helps you reimagine what Biblical "meekness" looks like. I was so impacted by her, her leadership, her wisdom, her experience in church planting, pastoring, teaching, and most of all - her willingness to be a leader who prays. I'm so excited for Ekko to meet her next year. Check out her video and as we invest in our tribe, let's prepare the hearts of our people for this rendezvous in prayer! (Note: Please do not announce this just yet. Thank you!) 

I’m intrigued by the challenges of formation in Christ; especially for those called to leadership whether to individual souls as a guide or to church family systems as a pastor. For me the classroom is a mini-social system where content, whether it is Greek or prayer, becomes an opportunity to learn together what it means to be Christ-like, to love each other, to be authentic human beings, and to prepare for service in the world community.
— Dr. Marykate Morse

Two things I remember about Dr. Marykate was her fresh perspectives on leadership and her ability to lead us into the awareness of God and self through prayer. So, it's no surprise to me when I noticed the two books she's launched over the years were about Leadership and Prayer. I hope you get the chance to read both. 

I invite you to read "Making Room for Leadership" at your earliest convenience. The Staff and I will use this book as a primer to prepare for the event and to get the most out of our time with Dr. Marykate.