Hey guys, it was so good to see you all last night. Some of you have already commented about that fact that these meetings are so refreshing and recentering... to that I say, amen. The simple truth is we need each other. Let's aim to carry each other's burdens for the Sake of Others.

PodCast We Should All Listen To

Well, as you know, time to time I come across some really good advice, wisdom, strategies that I believe we should embrace and implement. I offer to you another one today, it's a podcast by "Note to Self" on WNYC.

I would really appreciate it if you would take a listen to this short podcast. And will you help me implement and shape a culture in our church where Ekko leaders are known to have their cell phones "missing" while in a meeting, conversation, etc? If you have "leaders" in your care that "meet" with people for whatever reason, please share this and have them practice the art of being present.

Thank you and see you soon!