God is Faithful

Hey guys, 
I trust you had a great Sunday. It looks like the Mental Health Day went well. So proud of the tribe, so grateful for you. Thanks for all you do. Well, God has been allowing us to be in the "flow" of his grace and anointing. People are getting blasted by the Holy Spirit, gifts are uploaded in the folks here, but the most beautiful thing is that they are embracing each other (perhaps for the first time) and falling in love with the Church. I think the fact that they are thinking now about serving in the church, looking for the hurting, and maybe even building friendships within the church is the most beautiful thing for me. We often take for granted what we know, practice, and have... but it was truly "news" for them that perhaps God has called them to know and love each other. Let us continue to build on the command of Christ - to love one another as he has loved us. 

Here are some photos... because of your leadership, we were able to go out and minister. Each photo has your imprint on it... thank you.